Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Money Mistake: Lost Costco Gift Card

My top financial mistake this week was misplacing (losing?) my new Costco gift card. About a week ago I received a $50 card in the mail (as a gift for signing up for a Cable/Phone/Internet bundle). Excited to use it, but having enough insight to delay my Costco run until firming up my list (me + no list at Costco = bringing lots of cool stuff home while leaving lots of my money at the store), I "safely" set it on my mail counter.

Yet, today, wah-lah, the gift card is MIA. It's missing! Lost! Stolen (that one's probably dramatic, but still)! No matter the reason for its disappearance, I am highly saddened, frustrated, and disappointed by this recent financial mistake. Gift cards rock, but I always seem to hold onto them too long... so they end up getting lost or they expire before I use them. This is the anti-thesis to peaceful finances when you are counting on that card to cover some needed costs.

How about you? Have you ever lost a gift card or let it expired unintentionally?


Anonymous said...

I keep them in an envelope with my undies. There is a joke in there somewhere. And I only take them out when I'm going shopping. The gift cards not my undies!!! Maybe if you have a place to keep them they won't escape.

Jules said...

Thanks for the great advice Ms. Sonya Ann... so full of humorous wisdome... I love it!