Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Secondhand Shopping

Photo credit: Jules, Flower Power linens

My husband and I both love used books. Often after visiting the library, we browse the secondhand book store before heading home. And neither of us mind using these 1970's flower powerbed linens. They were originally my parents, but since they've upgraded their bed size, I snagged them (I love the colours and the pattern).

As for clothing, shoes, and bags, though, our enjoyment of secondhand deals differs completely. I'm the one who loves thrift stores - when I'm in one, I'm a child in a candy store . My finds range from ecclectic vintage threats to professional, classy, up-to-date name brands. And all of these are always at a fraction of the price. However, since secondhand boutiques are gaining popularity, this doesn't always equate with a "cheap" find. I've seen jeans selling for more than $60 and some of the vintage labels are a bit spendy, too.

As for my husband, while he likes to find a good deal at TJ Maxx, he is freaked out by getting clothes at thrift stores or drinking glasses at antique stores. We just don't get each other on this one.
The way I look at it is, don't people try things on at Carolina Herrera and Macys? And don't you wash the stuff when you bring it home? Some goes for the glasses. So for me, I don't fret about where the item has been. Plus, I feel very content buying used because it is a green choice as it not contributing to the creation of new products.

How about you? Are you keen on thrift stores or do you steer clear? Also, if you have any recommended secondhand stores in your city, please do tell.

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